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London on high alert

In Berkshire, London, Military News on October 24 at 3:59 pm

24 Oct 1642 – final || It was for Certaine informed by Letters from the Army that the King with his Cavalliers was marched by Coventrie and came to Southam on friday night, and the next day marched towards Bandbury; That the Earle of Essex with his Army came to Warwicke and is now marched after his Majesty towards Banbury, and is within lesse then tenne miles of him, having left some forces at Stratford upon Avon, and it was confidently informed that his Maiesty intends to come to London.

It was also informed that a part of his Maiesties Cariages comming by Warwicke, Guarded with Musqueteers, some Troopes of Horse were sent after them, upon whose approach the Musqueteeres tooke flight, whereby three of the Kings Carriages were taken without any opposition, and brought to Warwick.

Upon apprehension of the great danger the City of London might fall into by his Maiesties so neere approach, they raised their Trained Bands to guard the City both night and day, and are raising Garison Souldiers for the City; And by Order of Parliament sent 12. of their Companies to Windsor Castle to secure the same, in case the Cavalliers should make any attempt thither, the Lord Maior sending out warrants throughout the Citty that every man should stand upon his guard, and the Officers of the Citty to use their vigilancy for feare least any conspiracy should bee agitated against the Citty by the Malignant party, either by fire or otherwise.

And a Committee was appointed according to an Order of Parliament to take care for the speedy setting up of Courts of guard and raising of workes for the planting of Ordnance in all speciall places in and about the Citty and suburbs.

And it was also Ordered that there should be Bulworkes presently raised in the Fields before the Citty, to Fortifie the same against any Invation, whereupon hundreds of men presently fell to worke about diging of trenches and raising of workes in the Field neare Panchridge, and High-parke corner as being places of great consequence and for the present conceived to bee most in danger.

There was also an Order made by the Parliament for the speedy raising of Sea men to be imployed for the Guard of the River of Thames in case of opposition, and also to be drawne up for land service in case of any imminent occasion. || A Continuation of Certain Speciall and Remarkable Passages