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Parliament to raise more troops; soldiers to repair to their colours

In London, Military News on November 17 at 11:45 pm

17 Nov 1642 – final || The City perceiving the King to be wedded to the Counsels of the Cavaliers, and still to disert his Parliament, and perceiving his intention to retreate a further distance from London, and to keep a flying Army on foot, to overawe all the Countrey where he shall reside or come, and inforce them to bring in provision, and considering, if speedy end were not put to this War, it would eat out the whole Kingdome, besides hazzard the bringing in of Forraigne Forces the next Spring, which the cavaliers will advise and prevaile (volens nolens the King) to have it done: Propounded to the Parliament to raise 3000. Dragooneers, and 1000. Horse, under the Command of Colonell Hurrey, and Serjeant Major Skippon (1500. whereof are marched already towards Kingston) which the Parliament accepted of, and gave their consent thereto. || Humphrey Blunden – Speciall Passages and Certain Informations

It was ordered by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament that all Offices and souldiers under the command of his Excellency the Earle of Essex, shall repair to their Colours within two houres after the publishing of the same upon pain of death, and that all Officers in London and Westminster shall make search of them, and if they finde any of them, they should sent them to the said Lord Generall, for default whereof, both the Souldiers and their Officers which shall neglect their duties herein shall be punished according to their demerits. || A Continuation of Certain Speciall and Remarkable Passages