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News from Yorkshire and the North East

In Military News, North East, Yorkshire on November 21 at 10:12 pm

21 Nov 1642 || Intelligence came to the Parliament that Sir Christopher Wray and Captaine Hotham marched from Witherby in Yorkshire to Darneton [Darlington] in the Bishoprick of Durham, where they met with Captaine Pudseyes Troope, and charged them, took divers prisoners, and amongst others seised on Colonell Cockeram [Cochrane], who hath beene beyond Sea imployed by the Queene to buy armes to be made use of against the Parliament, and the 6000. Armes which came the last weeke to Newcastle, were brought thither by Cockeram in one of the Danish Ambassador’s ships, a thing unusuall for an Ambassadour to doe, to bring more Armes then for his owne private use: Sir Christopher Wray likewise at the same time intercepted Copies of Letters from Master Marmad. Langdale, and Master Adbrough to the Earle of Newcastle, inviting him to come into Yorkshire to raise the siege before York; and a Letter from the Earle of Newcastle, declaring his resolution to come. They intercepted also a declaration of the Earle of Newcastle which he was sending to York to be printed and read in all the parished in Yorkshire, shewing the lawfulnesse for him having a Commission from the King to raise an Army, to raise them of Papists, and that the like example is in all other parts of Christendome to have an Army composed of people of all Religions: but his Lordship forgets that this warre is within ourselves, and not with a foraigne enemy, that it is in effect a warre betweene Papist, and Athiest their adherents, with and against Protestants, and how it should with Reason and policie, suffer an Army of Papists to be raised to settle the Protestant Religion is beyond apprehension, and [as it] is expresly against the knowne Lawes of the Land for any Papists to have Pictures in his house, much more it is against the Law for Papists to be authorized to rise in armes with power to kill, slay, &c. ||

The Lord Savill hath compounded with Captain Hotham for 2000. pound, and to submit to the further pleasure of the House, and Sir William Savile doth likewise offer a round composition. The Lord Fairefaxe lies still before Yorke, having thereby the command of the whole County, which is of more advantage then to have the City, and to be commanded by the Country. ||

Information is likewise given, that there is come to the Earle of Newcastle neare about 2000. pound by Sea, that he expects the Queene daily, that the Inhabitants in Tindale [Tynedale] and Ridseale  [Ridsdale] doe shew a backwardnesse to serve him. || Humphrey Blunden – Speciall Passages and Certain Informations