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Reading’s military governor hangs visiting civilian

In Berkshire on December 30 at 11:11 pm

30 Dec 1642 || The House of Commons hath taken into serious consideration the death of Master Boyes, who was wrongfully executed by Martiall Law by Collonell [Sir Arthur] Aston, a great Papist in the Kings Army at Reading,¹ about tenne days since, he being a Citisen in London, and a great Dealer in strong Waters² and other Commodities, and went downe into the Countrey as usually hee did use to do every yeare about this time, to receive and gather up such Money as was due unto him for commodities, and at Reading he was apprehended and hanged, but the Causers thereof will have time to repent it, for spilling the bloud of so just a man. || Samuel Pecke – A Perfect Diurnall of the Passages in Parliament

¹ Aston, a professional soldier and declared Catholic, was Reading’s military governor. The Royalists liked him little better: when later governor of Oxford, he was attacked while completing his rounds and forced to appoint a bodyguard.
² i.e. alcoholic drink of some description.