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Regarding Newcastle

In North East on December 30 at 11:18 pm

30 Dec 1642 || The Parliament have ordered that certaine ships should bee sent towards Newcastle and Hull as well to secure those places from any invasions [and] to prevent Aide from coming to New-Castle to assist the Papists and Malignants, and their Adherents, who doth dayly put in executien their bloudy and Tyrannicall Actions in those parts, and doth live only by plundering and pillaging, and most barbarously and inhumanely take all they can get from the poore distressed Inhabitants thereabouts. ||

By Letters from New-castle it is informed that New-castle men begin to decline the courses of the Cavalliers, and that the neather Towne sent to the upper Towne to joyne with them in securing their Towne for the King and Parliament, and to drive out the Earle of New-castle his Garrison Souldiers, which if they refuse, they threaten to set fire of their Towne. || Samuel Pecke – A Perfect Diurnall of the Passages in Parliament