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Falmouth Royalists make use of captured Spanish vessel

In Cornwall on December 31 at 2:30 pm

31 Dec 1642 || The Cavaliers in Pendennys Castle at Falmouth, have set out one of the Malaga Ships (that came ignorantly into that Harbour)¹ to Sea, for a man of War, and put Land Souldiers into her, to take the Roundheads when they meet with them; but the Souldiers being only fresh-water-men, and never before tossed by the lofty and high dwelling waves, and through too free tipling of the Spanish wine, became so Sea-sick that they were not able to stir or help themselves; which the Marriners beholding, tooke opportunity by the forelock, and secured them all under Hatches, and with this present faire Westerne gale of winde, are bringing them hither to London.|| Stephen Bowtell – England’s Memorable Accidents

¹ See report from 21 Dec.