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Reading Royalists attack Twyford

In Berkshire on December 31 at 9:00 am

31 Dec 1642 (Sat) || The Cavaliers at Reding, had lately the hardinesse to sallie out of that Towne and came to Twyford, where Colonel Cholmeleys and Colonel Bartlets Regiments are Quartered, hoping to surprise them, but they could not get to them for [the] River, which through the multitude of land floods, is now become unpassable, so that they only shot at one another from both sides the water, and our men slew some of them, and so forced them to retreate, with the losse of one of our side who was shot into the thigh and died thereof. The Cavaliers according to their custome, carried their dead men away with them, because the people must not know how many they loose lest they should too much triumph over them. || Stephen Bowtell – England’s Memorable Accidents