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Activities of Colonel Hastings in Derbyshire & Leicestershire

In Derbyshire, Leicestershire on January 19 at 11:37 pm

19 Jan 1642/3 (Thu) || From Darby it is certified, that Master Hastings had fortified Swarton Bridge to hinder all entercourse into that County from the South parts, whereupon the Inhabitants thereof, went with seven Companies of foot, and two peeces of Ordinance, to demolish his Works, & drive him from thence, which they valiantly performed, without the losse of one man, but they slew six of his men, and forced them to take horse and ride away, leaving two Drakes, and one Barrell of Gunpowder behind them, which they cast into the River of Trent, the Darby souldiers having thus freed the Bridge of their Enemies, they would faine have plundred Sir John Harpers house, but their noble Colonell Sir John Gell would not suffer it, yet to quiet them, he promised to give them as much money, at their returne to Darby, as the pillage should be worth, and this he nobly performed when they came home.

During the absence of the Darby men from their Towne, the Countrey people, to the number of six hundred, with Bils, and Clubs, guarded it safely for them.

Master Hastings departing from thence, went to Kegworth, where he seized upon the Darby Carrier, and tooke all his goods and Letters from him, and carried them to Ashby de la Zouch in Leicestershire, and from thence sent the poore man home onely with his seven horses, and wrote a Letter to the major of Derby, telling him that he came not to fight, and that if the goods belonged to any of the Kings true subjects, if they would come to Ashby and own them, they should have them, but he afterwards hearing that the Lord Grey was come into Leicestershire, hath left Ashby, and is fled out of that County. || William Ingler – Certaine Informations (P)