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Parliament forces attack Royalist garrison at Brill

In Buckinghamshire on January 27 at 5:33 pm

27 January 1642/3 || This day the Rebels under the conduct of Master Arth. Goodwin, and Sir Robert Pye the younger, sonne of Sir Robert Pye aforesaid, to the number of 1800. foote, and seaven or eight Troopes of horse came before Brill, in which part of His Majesties Forces had been quartered ever since His last comming to Oxford; which place they thought to carry by assault, if they could not get it by surprisall. They came before the Towne about seaven of the clocke, and about eight gave on upon it. But his Majesties having there a Regiment of Foote, and some Troopes of Horse, under the Command of Sir Gilbert Gerrard Governour of the Towne, and Colonell Charles Gerrard, Colonell of a Regiment of Horse; they found too sharpe a welcome there, and that they stayed not long: for being valiantly repulsed, they made haste away, and were pursued as farre as the bad wayes would suffer, by His Majesties horse; which was some foure miles, or thereabouts. It is said, that there were neere eighty of their men found dead, the chiefe of which was Captaine Greenvill, High Sheriffe of the County of Buckingham for the yeare last past; beside such as they carryed away with them: forty or fifty men found wounded, which they had left together in a private house, and seven or eight horses found dead under severall hedges, which had beene wounded in the fight. His Majestie hearing of their comming gave order for two Troopes of Horse to be sent from Oxford, to the succour of His Souldiers there: but by that time they were gone but a mile from the Towne, they received advertisement that the Rebels had already forsooke the enterprise. || John Berkenhead/Peter Heylyn – Mercurius Aulicus (R)

At Brill in Buckinghamshire the Parliaments souldiers did beate upon their quarters close to their works, killed divers of them, and returned to Alesbury with the losse of a valiant Gentleman Captaine Jermaine, and some 10. common souldiers, the night before they of Brill had received three speciall troopes of horse. || Richard Collings – The Kingdomes Weekly Intelligencer (P)