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Royalist forces converge on Northampton

In Northamptonshire on January 28 at 3:47 pm

28 January 1642/3 (Sat) || They write from Northamptonshire, that the Kings forces are advanced as farre as Brackley, and as farre as Owney [Olney], and that the Papists thereabouts have made their houses readie to entertain them this three weeks, and are ready to accommodate them with all necessaries, which might have been prevented by the sequestration of their persons and estates, but no more of that.

|| From Ketring in Northamptonshire we understand that there is in the Town and the parts about such a Malignant partie, that they hire men to murther men as they go along the streets, and in particular a servant of the late deceased worthy Gent. Mr. Sawyer.¹ 

|| “From Northamptonshire, 28. of Jan.” – Sir, we are here in a sad condition, all we have is upon the matter at the mercy of our enemie, somewhat we have carried and driven to Northampton, which place we hope is well provied with provisions, skilfull Canoniers, Commanders, and Souldiers. I hear not of any advance of a power to relieve us, I pray God it be thought of: I understand you lay out the strength to keep alive the Army about Windsor, which I must not blame but commend, onely let me advise you, (and if you have any power with those that sit at the Helme in those affairs) that you will advise them to contract those expences into as little a compasse as may be, and that you will likewise bethink yourselves of a flying Army of 3. or 4000. horse under wise, active and faithfull Commanders, these will upon all occasions disturbe the enemy, which way soever he advances fall upon him in his quarters, and drive him to his places of strength, and there put him upon all straits and extremities in a short time: and Sir, for our County let London know it concerns them as much to keep us a passage open to them, as to keep their River of Thames open; for as that affords bread, firing,² and merchandise: so ours and the parts beyond, as Lecester, &c. affords the maine provisions of flesh. When the enemy drew neer Northampton, they in the Town would have gone out against the enemy (for they were nothing so many as was talked) but the Commanders thought it not the best way: we are of opinion that the enemy will return to Oxford or thereabouts. || Humphrey Blunden – Speciall Passages (P)

It is informed that many of the Kings Forces are marched towards Northampton, and are about Stony Stratford and Fenny Stratford, in the further part of Buckinghamshire, whereupon it is thought they intend to make an attempt against Northampton, but that towne hath a strong Garrison therein and about tenne peeces of ordinance, being also well fortified, so that they will be able to make resistance against the Enemy, and it is thought that the Lord Grey with his forces will returne back againe out of Leicestershire to aid Northampton in case the enemy should make any attempt against them. || Samuel Pecke – A Perfect Diurnall (P)

¹ Shot and wounded during a riot at Wellingborough; see report from 30 December.
² Probably meaning fuel for fires: London was heavily reliant on Newcastle coal.