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Lord Grey’s cavalry skirmish with Henry Hastings at Bagworth

In Leicestershire on August 18 at 12:15 am

18 Aug 1643 (Fri) || From Leicester it is informed, That Manchester Carriers came lately with forty packs from London to that Towne, with whom the Lord Grey of Groby sent out a hundred horse to guard them to Derby, which they having effected, in their returne home, they met with another hundred of their owne Horse, at Copt-Oake, in the Forrest of Leicester, where they joyned together, and went towards Ashby de la Zouch, within about two miles whereof, they met with an hundred of Colonell Hastings Horse and Dragoones, founded them a charge, and advanced to encounter them, but Hastings Horse wheeled about, and made with all speed to Bagworth-Heath whither the Leicester Horse followed them; and after the first charge, Hastings men ran away, the other pursued them eagerly, trasht and cut them sorely, killed six of them, tooke sixty of them prisoners, with their horses, amongst which was a Serjeant Major, a Captaine, and a Lieutenant: Which good piece of Service, hath diminished some of those Rob-Carriers, who, like the Arabians, or Italian Banderroes, lie sculking upon the Leicestershire and Staffordshire Roads, to intercept all travellers and passengers into the North-west parts of the Kingdome. || William Ingler – Certaine Informations (P)