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Ingler corrects Dorchester report

In Dorset, ECW editor's comment on August 19 at 1:33 am

19 Aug 1643 (Sat) || Whereas a temerarious¹ Relation was inserted into the last weekes Informations, about the late yeilding of Dorchester,² because it was desitute of its Souldiers 600. of them being with the Earle of Warwicke, and that Sir Walter Erle should have 1200. more of them against Corfe Castle, and that therefore the Town was forced to yeild because it had not above two or 300. souldiers to defend it, and that Sir Walter Erle should write so to the  Parliament, which Relation being erroneous, and not rightly bottomed, I have thought fit to retract, that the truth may be vindicated, and that no prejudice may reflect upon those whom it may concerne. Wherefore I affirme (having now been rightly informed) that Sir Walter Erle wrote not so to the Parliament as was related, that the Earle of Warwicke had but 200 of their souldiers, whom he sent back againe; that Sir Walter Erle had but about 200. foot besides his own Troope of horse against Corfe Castle, and that when Dorchester was yeilded, there were about six or 700. Souldiers in the Town, who perhaps might have defended it for a time, because there was not so great a number as 5. or 6000. that came against them. This being the truth, the dissonancy between verity & error I hope is cleered, concluding with the Moralist, Humanum est errare, sed beluinum in errore perseverare. || William Ingler – Certaine Informations (P)

¹ Reckless; rash
² See report on 11 August