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Scots agree to send forces into England

In Scotland on August 21 at 1:07 am

21 Aug 1643 (Mon) || From Scotland about the end of the last weeke the Parliament received Letters from their Commissioners, giving them to understand of their safe arrivall at Edenborough, and extraordinary welcome by the Scotch Lords, and that they hoped in short time to expidite the businesse they came about, which letters bore date the very next day after the Commissioners comming to Edinburgh. But in respect they gave no accompt of any forces already levied in Scotland how the Malignants in London rejoyced, and boasted up and downe that the Scotts would not stirre at all, and that all our hopes of their comming into this Kingdome were but as strange Chymaras Castles in the aire, &c. But observe now, how soone their vaine boastings is come to nothing, whose tongues indeed have a long time beene the forge of daily lies, for on Tuesday last the Parliament received more letters from their Commisioners there, giving them accompt of their Treaty with the Scots of Scotland, for the sending of forces hither, & that the States were of so willing a complyance in that businesse, and matters in that forwardnesse that they doubted not with a weekes time after the date of these letters (which is above ten dayes since) fully to end the worke. || Samuel Pecke, A Continuation of Certain Speciall and Remarkable Passages (P)