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The first Battle of Newbury: Parliamentarian account (Mercurius Britanicus; continued)

In Berkshire on September 21 at 2:48 am

21 Sep 1643 (Thu) || The next day after being Thursday his Excellency on the hill (where he stood all night, and which was the Kings ground the morning before, till he lost it) put himselfe in Batalia, expecting the enemy he staid two houres, and gave them a great shot to invite them to fight; but the enemy lay sculking with their horse having the reminder of their forces in Newbery, and durst not fight, whereupon we marched towards Redding (to gaine Quarters to supply our wants of victualls) and when we had marched six or seven miles, the enemies horse having got an advantageous passage, which our horse endeavouring to cleere, charged them, but were forced to make a disorderly retreate, and in a narrow lane neere Sir Humphrey Fosters house part of our foot were disordered neer unto  a rout by our own horse, for reliefe and rescue of whom Colonell Middleton alights from his horse, and drawes out sixty Musketiers which he valiantly led up first to relieve a stout Canoneer of ours who with three men more made good his station, where he had the charge of three Case of Drakes, against all the enemies horse, the Kings horse were beaten off and eighty slaine on the place, with the losse of ten of ours. And that night his Excellencie marched to Redding, and his Majestie to Oxford who a little before (to content and Comfort her Majestie) had engaged himselfe to rout the Earles Army, and that he would be at London before Saturday last, but let them take heed lest we be not at Oxford by Saturday next.

The word which the enemy had, was Queen Mary, the better to signifie, that they fought Queene Maries Cause, viz. the introducing of Popery. His excellencies word was Religion, intimating that his army preferred the true Protestant Religion before King or Queene, or any that labours the destruction of it. Religion overcame Queen Mary, but from Queen Maries Religion, good Lord deliver us; We have now at Redding above five hundred prisoners, part of them taken in the fight, the rest at Cirencester. There were no Ordnance lost on either side, three horse Colours, a Colonell, a Major of horse, and some other Officers taken in the Battaile, likewise brought to Redding, whom Prince Rupert may have for fetching. || Robert White & George Bishop – Mercurius Britanicus (P)