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Scots vote to garrison Berwick

In North East, Scotland on September 22 at 2:52 am

22 Sep 1643 (Fri) || It was also signified, that the Scots in their Convention had voted (for they can vote too) that a Garrison should be put into Barwick: That first, the Garrison should be all of the Scottish Nation: Secondly, that it should consist of six hundred Foot and two Troops of Horse (sixtie in a Troop) or more, as it shall be thought fit by the Committees of oth Nations: Thirdly, that this Garrison should be payd as part of the Scottish Army: Fourthly, that whereas the Scottish Forces were to receive from the two English Houses 3000l. a moneth, now they should have 1000l. per mensem more, to make them hit just one and thirtie. And lastly, that the Publique Faith of the Scots shall be engaged to England, that they will depart out of Barwick whensoever the English will desire them so to doe. But whether the two indigent Houses will be readie with their two hundred thousand pounds to be payd in hand, and 300000l. a moneth besides; and whether these well payd men will depart according to their Publike Faith, I leave to the private faith of every honest Reader.  || John Berkenhead/Peter Heylyn – Mercurius Aulicus (R)