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Britanicus accuses Aulicus of untruths

In ECW editor's comment on September 23 at 2:55 am

23 Sep 1643 (Sat) || I will not say Master Aulicus is mad, but I am sure he hath lost his wit, or our last victory hath frighted him out of it, for never came newes so simply into the world from Oxford as this weeke, not so much as a sparkle of with from the 17. of September where he begins, to the three and twentieth, where he ends.

I can guesse but at foure reasons: either his pension failes, or the losse at Newbery hath sadned him, or he is fallen from sacke to six shilling bear [beer], or we shot him in the braine with our last jests, and he now lies under the surgeon with his noble friends Jermin and Progers, but indeed the grand Mercury Faulkland is slaine, yet we hear her Majesty intends to summon all Poets and Schollers of any comptency of wit, from the age of sixteen to sixty, to be aiding and assisting to the next Diurnall, for Master Aulicus is put upon such a vast duty every weeke, viz. the telling of at least an hundred lies, together with fine conceits, that he is not able to undergoe it, unlesse a Sub-Committee for lying and jesting be added to him. || Robert White & George Bishop – Mercurius Britanicus (P)