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Parliament to honour Essex for Newbury “Victory”

In Parliamentary business on September 24 at 12:01 pm

Sunday 24 Sep 1643 || Touching the aforesaid Letter, and the affaires of the Army, the Commons had some consultation, and a conference with the Lords; whereupon afterwards it was agreed upon by both Houses, That a Committee of the Lords and Commons should be that afternoon sent away to the Earl of Essex at Reading, to inform his Excellency what a high esteem the Houses have of the great Honour his Excellency (under God) hath gained in the preservation of the Army in the late Atchievement, to the great discomfiture of theirs, and the Kingdoms Enemies.

As also thoroughly to inquire into the true state and condition of the said Army, that so it may be presently supplyed in all defects wanting, either for Men, Moneyes, Munition, or Victualls; and that they may be the better enabled to pursue this victory which God hath given them. || Samuel Pecke – A Perfect Diurnall (P)