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Aulicus disputes Parliament’s maths re. Newbury

In ECW editor's comment on September 25 at 12:04 pm

25 Sep 1643 (Mon) || The pretended Houses made an Order on Fryday last, that no man should speake of the late battaile neare Newbury, but according to the Relation given to the House of Commons by a young man sent from their Army for that purpose. And what that young man related I shall here tell you. First he said that the King had left above 5000 men, but his Excellency had not lost full 140. Then he said, that the King had not above 800 left of all his foot, and if they would now pursue their victory, both Oxford & all the West of England might easily be regained. And when Master Speaker demanded of him who had the pillage of the dead, his answer was, that both sides came in together, and stript the dead without opposition of either party. But what impudent impossible and bottomlesse lyes these are, let all the world judge. For this Relator confessed the King brought ten thousand foot into the fields, whereof (saith he) we kild full five thousand (horse and foot) and yet they left but 800 alive. Next consider, this Relator said that his Excellence having above 10000 foot, lost but 140, and yet these 9850 suffered poore 800 to be joynt pillagers of the field, and (which is more) these 9850 souldiers call for aid from London to helpe to defeat 800 of the Kings. Who this young man was, whether Charles Pym, or some famous Truth-speaker fetched out of a sawpit for that very purpose, I cannot tell; only I shall request all the Kingdome to consider if His Majesties Proclamation was not just and necessary, that is, whether any credit or obedience ought to be yeelded to these mens votes, who vote 800 to be halfe of 10000; and 300 to be full 5000, and vote that all London shall say so too, for thats the truth and consequence of this ridiculous new Order.  || John Berkenhead/Peter Heylyn – Mercurius Aulicus (R)