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Captain Sydenham deceives Royalists at Poole

In Dorset on September 26 at 12:18 pm

26 Sep 1643 (Tue) || Pool in Dorset-shire … this weeke hath beene guilty of a most exemplary piece of treachery: the manner briefly thus, (attested under the hand of one who is so noble that he is not capable of a lie.) One Francis Syddenham who is a Captaine in that Rebellious Garrison, sent severall Letters to the Earle of Crafford, offering to deliver up the Towne to the Earle for His Majesties use, making frequent promises and imprecations in his letters, of the loyalty of his intentions, and accordingly kept precise correspondence for time, place, and all other particuars as farre it pleased the Earle to treat with him. A day therefore being appointed for the delivery up of the Town, the captaine sent his kinsman to conduct the Kings Forces the surest and best way to the Towne gates, but assoone as they came thither the perfidious Syddenham (having before hand prepared all the Rebells like a compleat Traitor) let fly at the Kings forces both with Cannon and Muskets, whereby they killed 10 common Souldiers and tooke 4 prisoners, but durst not sally out upon His Majesties Forces who after they had stayed a space before the Towne, retreated safe to their quarters, leaving perfidious Syddenham to his perjury  and treason, to receive a just recompence with his fellow Rebels, when he shall be lesse trusted, and more exemplarily rewarded.   || John Berkenhead/Peter Heylyn – Mercurius Aulicus (R)