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West Wales counties declare allegiance to the King

In Wales on September 26 at 12:15 pm

26 Sep 1643 (Tue) || The Welchmen (I must tell you) are of another make, whose Language hath no word for a Close Committee. For after the Earle of Carbery had reduced Tenby in Pembrokeshire (the only County in all Wales that had beene seduced, though mow most loyall to His Majesty) his Lordship went toHaverford-West, wither all the Gentry of the County, and all the Trayned-bands came unto him, to manifest their loyalty to His Sacred Majesty; the six Hundreds of Train-bands are Roose, Dangledy, Dewesland, Castle-martyn, Newbirth, Kemys and Kilgerran, (hard names but the inhabitants are honest Gentlemen) which Gentry and Train-bands testified their hearty obedience by their subscriptions under their hands and seales, and by a tender of two thousand pounds to be given to His Majesty. All which was most happily effected by Gods blessing on the valour and prudence of the noble Earle of Carbery, whom Haverford-west received with such cheerfull expressions as I have not yet met with; which (because they are excellent words) I have here transcribed from the originall.

Wee the Mayor, Aldermen, and Inhabitants of the Towne and County of Haverford-west, doe hereby humbly declare, that we will be alwayes obedient to the Kings Majesties Royall Commands, and will serve him with our lives and fortunes, and will submit to His Majesties Authority, now placed in the Right Honourable Richard Earle of Carbery, Lord Lieute. Generall of the Counties of Pembrook, Carmarthen and Cardigan, &c. And will heartily contribute to His Sacred Majesties Service to the best of our abilities. And wee doe further engage our selves unpo the faith of loyall Subjects, that wee will not receive into our Towne and Country any Garrison, forces, or person whatsoever, sent or to bee sent from any who now are or hereafter shall bee in Rebellion against his Majesty under the name of King and Parliament, or any other name; but will dutifully receive and assist all such Forces as our said Lord Lieutenant Generall shall send for the use and service of His Sacred Majesty. For assurance whereof we have hereunto fixed our Common Seale, and subscribed our Names the eighteenth day of September, And call our great God to witnesse, that wee are resolved to live and dye in and for the defence of His Majesty and His Government against all the said Rebels. GOD SAVE THE KING. Now let the world judge what true Britaines this County of Pembrook hath at last shewed it selfe: to the silencing of those weekly printed boastings of the faction at London, who upon all occasions were ready to tell us, what vast advantage they would make of Milford Haven, Tenby, and the rest of the haven Townes in the County of Pembrook, which are now most happily returned to their wonted loyalty and obedience.  || John Berkenhead/Peter Heylyn – Mercurius Aulicus (R)