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Parliament desires funds to capitalise on Royalist losses

In Berkshire, Parliamentary business on September 27 at 11:49 pm

27 Sep 1643 (Wed) || And thus we have brought my Lord, and his remaining forces, to Redding, whence on Saturday last a Letter came, and a Messenger: The House of Commons, at a Conference, moved there might be moneys forthwith procured for the prosecution of the war, and that with all speed, because the enemy by the late fight had lost their whole infantry, not a thousand remaining, but were either slaine, wounded, or fled; a thousand escaping, as is reported, the night after the fight, besides those fled in the fight. Secondly, their Ammunition was almost, if not altogether, spent, and that [if] they receive not new supplies, ships might be sent to lie before Bristoll, Newcastle, &c.  || John Dillingham – The Parliament Scout (P)