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Parliament allegedly refuses the King supplies

In Oxford, Parliamentary business on September 29 at 12:05 am

29 Sep 1643 (Fri) || We were certified this day, that upon a Motion made, that they would give way that some necessaries for his Majesties sacred person might be carried to Oxford, among which one particular was wine; but they (as men that three dayes before had tooke a solemne Covenant for the preservation of his Majesties person) denyed that his Majesty should have any wine. So that having laboured to murther him with their great Ordnance, seiz’d of all his revenues that should keepe him alive, they now most dutifully refuse to let him have meat and drinke for that mony which his good Subjects have lent him. Let all men that have the least sense of honour or goodnesse; consider, if any blessed Prince were ever thus used by men (if I may call them so) who are his owne sworne Subject, whom they can accuse of nothing but this, that he is too good to be their King. Nay, when the Kings Sergeant moved that his Majesties Woods might be exempt from being cut downe and destroyed, that noble and valiant Gentleman the Lord Wharton grew extreame angry that he would make such a motion, and commanded him silence. || John Berkenhead/Peter Heylyn – Mercurius Aulicus (R)