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This blog brings you the latest daily news from the developing English Civil War, beginning at the battle of Edgehill in October 1642. Although the posts are extracted from genuine contemporary reports, the  newsbooks they appeared in had (like all subsequent newspapers) their own biases, and as news transmission relied on human eyes, human memory and human honesty – as well as someone reliable and literate being on hand with pen and ink to write it all down – factual accuracy is not guaranteed. Note that due to the Parliament’s holding London, and thus controlling most of England’s printing capacity, Parliamentarian voices dominated, and there was no significant Royalist voice to redress the balance until the creation of Mercurius Aulicus at Oxford, early in 1643.

England’s troubles were inextricably part of a wider turmoil across the British Isles between 1638 and 1651 which included Ireland and Scotland, a sequence of events collectively termed “The Wars of the Three Kingdoms” (Wales did not escape the fighting, but politically and militarily it was, at the time, effectively bracketed with England). Although the English newsbooks did in part cover events over the Scottish border and across the Irish Sea, and where appropriate this blog will refer to them, the focus will remain on England and its coastal waters, and what most people simply call “The English Civil War”.

This blog is maintained by Tyger’s Head books; you can also find us on Twitter.

  1. What a great blog. I’m enjoying following the war!

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