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Shipping dispute with the Danes

In Denmark, Events at sea on September 16 at 2:09 am

16 Sep 1643 (Sat) || You may remember that heretofore we told you how couragiously a Captain of one of the King of Denmarks ships carried himselfe before the pretended Houses, when lately the Earle of Warwick had siez’d on his Ship laden with Armes, telling them that if they detained his Ship, the King his Master would vindicate his cause. And by an Expresse from Hamburg, dated Septem. I. We were this day certified that upon Newes arrived at Gluckstadt, that the Parliaments ships (as they tearme themselves) had siezed on a ship of the King of Denmarks, laden with Armes, and that the said Ship was brought up to London, and there unladen for the use of the two Houses. The Governour of Gluckstadt Count Sents [Pentz] made stay of some of the English Companies Cloth-ships, before the King of Denmarks comming thither: And at his arrivall there the last weeke, the King not onely confirmed the stay and arrest of those Ships, but also was so much incensed at the indignity and affront done him, and his People by them at London, that he caused the whole lading of the said Ships to be taken forth at Gluckstadt, and imprisoned those that were sent downe from the Company there to solicite the release of their said Ships and Goods. This King hath also given order and command into the Sound and norway to sieze all Ships and goods belonging to London, which shall passe by his Dominions, and will keepe them all untill he receive full satisfaction for the great affront done him by the Houses. And now you must expect that the Members will Vote, that what they did was in defence of the King of Denmarkes Crown and dignity, or else that he hah encroached on the liberties of the subject: but the rebels, in my opinion, have reason to rejoyce, for by this staying the London ships at Denmarke, the Cavaliers will want cordage when they should chiefly use it in the service of the State. || John Berkenhead/Peter Heylyn – Mercurius Aulicus (R)


Dutch convoy approaches Newcastle

In Events at sea on August 30 at 1:31 am

30 Aug 1643 (Wed) || From Rotterdam in Holland they write, that thirteen Hoyes were going from Amsterdam to Newcastle to fetch Sea-coales, and that they had a man of War for their convoy, who carried Armes, Ammunition and moneys thither, which was much admired at, because it is against the custome for a Convoy to do any such thing, and therefore they hope that it will be met with by some of the Parliaments ships, before they can get into Newcastle. || William Ingler – Certaine Informations

Danish ships prevented from landing

In Events at sea, Parliamentary business on August 13 at 11:00 pm

Sunday 13 Aug 1643 || From the Downes it was informed [to] the Parliament by a letter from one of the Captaines of the Navy, that there are three other Ships each of them at least 200 Tonn burthen, lie hovering upon the English Coasts; who he chased, and discovered to belong to the King of Denmarke, and sent hither with Souldiers and Armes to assist the Kings Army against the Parl. to setle the Protestant Religion (if you’l beleeve it) with their other Compeers of Wellownes [Walloons], French, Spanish & Irish Rebells that are already in the Kingdome, they were intended to land about Newcastle but by the diligence of the Earle of Warwicks ships were prevented, and now lie betwixt Calice and Bullen [Calais and Bologne], the Captaine that sent this intelligence desiring the Parliament to grant him Commission and he would use his utmost endeavour to surprize them, which the Parliament accordingly Ordered, and withall apointed that the Earle of Warwick should be made acquainted therewith, and desired to take speciall care to prevent the landing of the said ships in this Kingdome. || William Ingler – Certaine Informations (P)