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Artillery accident in Norwich

In Norfolk on March 14 at 8:32 pm

14 March 1642/3 (Tue) || From Norwich, in the County of Norfolke they write, that some hurt hath beene done there lately, by a strange accident, which hapned thus, The Peece of Ordnance which was planted against Mr. Holls house, was brought back againe into the City, charged with powder and bullet, which the Cannonier through covetousnesse (it being his fees) thought to save and make money of, and thrusting his Spoone into the Peece to unlade it, the handle of the Spoone unloosed out of the socket, whereat the Cannonier being vexed, in a fury he violently struck a half pike into the Peece supposing to have fastned it into the socket of the Spoone, and so to have drawne it out, but the steele of the half pike striking upon the bullet, by force of the strong concussion betweene those two hard things, struck fire, which tooke hold upon some gunpowder that lay scattered about the bullet, wherewith the Peece being fired, of it selfe discharged, and the bullet raked downe the length of a whole street, and hurt and maimed divers men, women, and children, and slew two outright, and the Cannonier escaped with the losse of one arme: but that which is most remarkable in this accident, as the Letter relateth, is that none were hurt by the Bullet, but such as were known to be disaffected men, and children and servants of such kinde of people. || William Ingler – Certaine Informations (P)