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Parliamentarian prisoners reported dead at Oxford

In Oxford on May 6 at 3:17 pm

6 May 1643 (Sat) || From Oxford it is Informed, that divers of the Parliaments Captaines are lately deceased there, as Captaine Fleming, Capt. Lidcote, Captaine Stevens, and some others; and amongst those is also dead, Mr. Wightman the East country Merchant, who was sent thither by his Company, to desire the King, that a ship of theirs, which was staied in the Sound, by the King of Denmark, might be released; but as soone as he came thither, hee was restrained from his liberty, because he had lent a small summe of money to the Parliament, and was after committed close Prisoner to the Castle, for refusing to take a new invented Protestation, where with griefe and ill usage he died, as the others also died. || William Ingler – Certaine Informations (P)