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Cornish forces allegedly desert Sir Ralph Hopton

In Bristol on August 16 at 11:49 pm

16 Aug 1643 (Wed) || From Bristoll it is certified, That the King hath made Sir Ralph Hopton Governour of that City, and that the Cormish men which came along with him have deserted his service, and are gone home into their owne countrey discontented, because they have been still put upon the forlorne hopes, and all desperate services, and yet have received no recompence, nor are permitted such benefit of plunder and pillage as the other Cavaliers enjoy. Whereby they may now perceive what poore fruits they have reaped for their disservice to the Commonwealth. || William Ingler – Certaine Informations (P)


Rumoured arguments amongst Shropshire Royalists

In Shropshire on May 26 at 1:32 pm

26 May 1643 (Fri) || Out of Shropshire they write that there hath been a falling out between the Lord Capell, Governour of that County, and Sir Thomas Scriven an active Malevolent there against the Parliament, and that the contention betweene them grew so hot, that Scriven told the Lord Capell, that excepting his Commission, he was as good as man as he, which so far incensed the Lord Capell, that he stroke Sir Thomas a blow on the eare, whereupon he drew his Sword, and made at the Lord Capell, but he was withholden by assistants, and no hurt done him, whereupon Sir Thomas hath withdrawne himselfe, and deserted him, which breach, together with the Lord Capels heavy exactions in that County, hath made the Inhabitants thereof send a Petition to the King, to desire him to remove the said Lord from his Command amongst them, and to substitute the Lord Newport Baron of Arkall, their own Country man, in his place, complaining in their said Petition, that the said Lord Capell hath levyed great summes of money in their County, under the colour of paying their Souldiers therewith, but that he hath converted the money to his owne use, and left the Souldiers unpaid. What the King hath done in this businesse, is no yet related. Thus we see that God beginneth to doe his owne worke himselfe, by sending a spirit of dissention amongst his and our enemies, as he hath also done at Oxford lately, whereof more will be informed hereafter. || William Ingler – Certaine Informations (P)

MP’s troopers reportedly desert en masse to the Royalists

In Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire on March 24 at 1:10 pm

24 Mar 1642/3 (Fri) || Newes of this day was of Captaine Griffith, who having beene indicted of an attempt to ravish the Lady Sedley, and freed by Vote and Order of the House of Commons, whereof he was a Member, became the darling of that House: and after, having raised a Troope of Horse, went thorow the streetes of London with two silver Trumpets blowing before him, and his Foot-men waiting upon him in rich velvet jackets, with 7 or 8 laces on a seame. This was about a fortnight since or more, when he went towards Lincolneshire, to assist those parts in the Rebellion. But as it seemes his faculty lay more in a Ladies Chamber, then in the conduct of a Warre: Which being espied by his Lieutenant, and other Officers of his Troope, they practiced so powerfully upon his Troopers, that all with one consent forsooke him and came in to Newarke, and have there put themselves into His Majesties service, not leaving the gallant Captaine so much as one silver trumpet. || John Berkenhead/Peter Heylyn – Mercurius Aulicus (R)

Lincolnshire Royalist gentry allegedly ready to desert the King

In Lincolnshire on February 20 at 10:50 pm

20 February 1642/3 || They write out of Lincolneshire, that that Countie begins to be discouraged and complaine, that some body is come amongst them from about London, that hath so busled among the Lords and gentlemen, that divers of them are thinking how to sit downe and save themselves, who but a few weekes since, to the number of neere ten thousand men, would have chearfully gone together against a common Enemy. || Humphrey Blunden – Speciall Passages (P)