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Queen to stay in Holland; Dutch declare neutrality; Flanders aids Irish

In Foreign News on October 29 at 11:14 pm

29 Oct 1642 – late || By Letters from Holland it was informed, that the Queene intends to stay there all this winter, and that Colonell Goring is come to the Queene. That the States of Holland doe declare to hold a faire correspondency with the Parliament, and that upon a late Assembly there, The States in generall have concluded for the more better preservation of the union and peace between England and them, to stand as neuters, and that no aid shall be sent from thence to assist neither partie. By order of a Parliament, a member of the House of Commons is to bee sent into Flanders with a Declaration against their sending of aid to the Rebels in Ireland, as being a breach of their treaty of peace with this kingdome. The like thing is in agitation for the sending of a member of Parliament into France for the same businesse.  || A Collection of Speciall Passages and Certaine Informations