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Spanish ship seized in Lancashire

In Ireland, Lancashire on March 20 at 10:18 pm

20 Mar 1642/3 (Mon) || By Letters out of Lancashire it is informed that there was a Ship lately driven ashore neer unto Manchester, which is said to come out of Spain, and as it was conceived was bound for Ireland, and being seized on by the Manchestrians, they found in her about 20. pieces of Ordnance and great store of Armes and Ammunition, which as it is reported were covered with Oranges and Lemmons, which prize was taken and carried to Manchester, which no doubt will be no small incouragement to that County, who have been exceeding successefull in all their Designes against the Earl of Darby, and it is informed that the Earl hearing of the ship, came thinking to have gotten it from them, but he came too late, and though this ship was intended for the bloody Rebels in Ireland, yet by Gods providence in bringing it hither, it may be a meanes to rid that County of the said Earl, who hath much disturbed the Peace thereof. || Samuel Pecke – A Perfect Diurnall (P)