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London to fill its defences with water

In London on March 9 at 12:56 pm

9 March 1642/3 (Thu) || It was signified from London, that they are very much intent upon making new Fortifications about the City, and that there is a project of incompassing the same with water: by drawing the Thames about Lambeth and Southwark, both places lying on a flat, and on the other sides by digging very deep Trenches and Ditches to be fille with waters from the New River, and the River of Lee which runnes by Now, wherein the new Elect rebaptize themselves and call it by the name of Jordan: that for the perfecting of these workes being vast and great, they have not onely multitudes of people kept at worke of late, but that they goe from house to house, to list and perswade all the Apprentices, and others of able bodies, to man those workes, whensoever they shall be called unto it: and that it is conceived that in the time of the Cessation (if agreed on once) when they have nothing else to do, and to diversion from that businesse, they will not onely proceed in them, but fully finish them. || John Berkenhead/Peter Heylyn – Mercurius Aulicus (R)