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Royalists detain Scots messenger at Oxford

In Oxford, Scotland on August 11 at 10:42 pm

11 Aug 1643 (Fri) || It was related the last week, that the Scots had sent a Messenger to the King, with a Declaration, to shew him their Reasons, why they must come into England with an Army: which Messenger went to Oxford, but found not the King there, yet his Message was taken, for Master Secretary Nicholas told him that he had Order from the King to give him an Answer, and so after he had kept him in a roome about foure or five houres, he sent him back with an Answer, and would not suffer him to go to the King, so that it is very likely his Message was well knowne before it came thither, which if he should have carried to the Campe before Glocester, it might have much disheartned the Cavaliers, made them to have deserted their enterprise, to have given over their cause, and plainly to have departed to their owne homes againe, there to sleep in whole skins, and to enjoy their former ease and quiet. But how the Scots will rellish the stop of their Declaration, and the keeping of their Messenger from the King, it is probable we shall heare shortly. || William Ingler – Certaine Informations (P)