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Hastings and Gell play tag in Derbyshire; strange lights seen in the sky

In Derbyshire on March 10 at 12:04 pm

10 March 1642/3 (Fri) || Out of Darbyshire they write, that Mr. Hastings still continueth to rob the Carriers, for they tooke the Nottingham Waggon neer Loughborough in Leicestershire, and forced him to drive it to Ashby de la Zouch. Sir John Gell sent some forces both of horse and foot to Burton upon Trent to secure it, against whom came Mr Hastings with 4. or 500. horse, but durst not offer to enter it. The Townesmen of Derby have received from Hull, Armes for 300. Horse and foot, with some Match and Gunpowder, which they are glad of, because they can have none brought them safe from London.

At Chesterfield in that County, they have also received from Hull fifty Muskets, with proportionable Match and Gunpowder, from whence it is related by credible persons, that on the 21. day of Febr. last, about an houre before Sun-set, three Suns were plainly seen in the skie, which Omen cannot but presage some strange events to ensue in this Kingdome, according to the opinions of such as are learned in the liberall art of Astronomy. From thence they also write, that they are extreamly pestered with the Earle of Newcastles forces that lie in Boulsover, who in the night came out of that Towne, and took 30 horses from the adjacent people, whereupon the Inhabitants of Chesterfield, to secure their Towne, have taken Wingfield Mannor, and placed there 30. souldiers to guard it, and they have also put 40. Musketiers into Chatsworth, under the Command of Lieutenant Bagshaw to defend it. || William Ingler – Certaine Informations (P)