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Earl of Essex refuses Sir William Waller a commission

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Sunday 27 Aug 1643 || It was advertised from London, that his Excellency hath not yet beene pleased to issue a Commission to Sir William Waller; notwithstanding the readinesse of the three Houses (the House of three Lords, the Lower House, and the Common-Counsell) to recruit his Forces, according unto that Proportion which himselfe proposed. For when, as by the sending in of the Trained Bands, the Auxiliaries, the Pressed men, and the Volunteers, he saw his Army growne to be bigge of body, he would first trie what mettaile they were made of before he would put the least part of his power into the hands of his Rivall: and therefore found another way to elude his promise, which was to reserve unto himselfe the approbation of all such Officers and Commanders as Waller should make choyce of to serve under him. And though hee stood on these terms upon some good reason, some of the Officers, which had beene formerly appointed for the managery of this Rebellion (as Venn and others) not yeelding such conformity to his commands as he might expect, being Generalissimo; yet this was tooke so ill by his grand Directours of the Three Houses, that the Lord Say with Glyn and Pym, out of each House one (for Glyn is of the Common-Councel as sure as he is Recorder) were sent unto him to perswade him if it be possible, not to insist too much upon that particular; or otherwise to let him know, that if he did not yeeld unto it, they would grant Waller a Commission by the way of Ordinance. || John Berkenhead/Peter Heylyn – Mercurius Aulicus (R)