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Lord Gray takes Brook House in Rutland

In Rutland on March 1 at 11:30 pm

1 March 1642/3 (Wed) || By Letters from Northampton it is enformed that the Lord Gray in Leicestershire, having notice that the Lord Cambden and his son M. Noell made preparations for the raising of forces in the County of Rutland against the Parliament, advanced with some forces to the Lord Cambdens house, called Brooke house in Rutland and after some slight opposition took the same, and Master M Noell prisoner, with good store of armes ammunition and other pilledge, but the Lord Cambden himself made escape, the Lord Gray having sent M. Noell to Northampton, to remaine there in custody, till a fit opportunity to send him up to the Parliament. || A Continuation of Certain Speciall and Remarkable Passages