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Plot to burn Norwich foiled

In Norfolk on July 12 at 9:19 pm

12 Jul 1643 (Wed) || From Norwich they write, that there hath lately been some Conspirators discovered and apprehended, whose designe was to have fired the City in two places, whereof the one was Sir John Hobarts house, and the other was the Countrey prison, and when all was in combustion, then about an 100. horse from Saint Faiths and those parts, joyning themselves with other forces raised about Cunsford and other parts of the City, should have seized upon the Ordnance, and drawne them up to the Castle Hill, to have commanded the whole City and Countrey, for which Conspiracy some are committed to the Gaole. It was through Gods mercy strangely discovered; thus, one Allen of Saint Faiths (who was put upon the Plot by one Master Balden as great Papist in the City) being a prime Conspirator, and shortly intended to have put this blood-fiery Plot in execution, wanting some assistance to put it in action, discovered his intention to a dis-affected Minister thereabouts, desiring his advise and aid therein, who being exceedingly molested in his Conscience at the hearing thereof, could by no means pacifie and quiet it, untill he had discovered the Plot to Sir John Hobart, and so the Conspirators were apprehended, examined and committed, and shall be shortly tried, by a Martiall Commission from the Parliaments Lord Generall, as the London Conspirators have been.¹ || William Ingler – Certaine Informations (P)

¹ The plot is significant, in that Norwich was at the time England’s second biggest city, after London.