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Recruiting problems alleged in London

In London on September 18 at 2:18 am

18 Sep 1643 (Mon) || And for Sir William Waller it was further certified, that Voluntieres came but slowly in, and that the City was as loath to let their Trayned bands and auxiliary forces be taken from them, if it could otherwise be avoided: which put our excellent Common-wealths-men on a resolution of making use of their legislative tyranny to passe an Ordinance for the pressing of 5000 men; 2000 in the City of London, and the residue in the adjacent Counties, the which accordingly they did. But this is thought will be a work of longer time, and require more money then their necessities will permit; the Ordinance being passed upon Wednesday last,  and few pressed as yet.  || John Berkenhead/Peter Heylyn – Mercurius Aulicus (R)


Cambridgeshire harvest prevents recruiting

In Cambridgeshire on August 17 at 12:23 am

17 Aug 1643 (Thu) || From Cambridge they write, that the Drums are beating up in their County to raise forces according to the late Ordnance of Parliament, but because the People there are now busie about their Harvest, their whole numbers cannot be so speedily compleated as is desired, and yet there are many young men that come in readily and offer their services. || William Ingler – Certaine Informations (P)

Situation update from Hull

In Yorkshire on July 14 at 9:38 pm

14 Jul 1643 (Fri) || By Letters this day from the Lord Fairfax to the House of Commons, it was certified, That his Lordship¹ is in a very good condition at Hull, with about 1500 men; That only stayes there to recrewt his Forces, and intends very suddenly to advance again into the Field against the Popish Army, who of late do much tyrannize, by charging the Countrey with illegall Taxes and Compositions for Plundering; That Leeds and Bradford are for the present in the hands of the Popish Army, but he doubts not very suddenly to give accompt of some considerable service for the relief of the County against them. || A Perfect Diurnall of Some Passages in Parliament (P)

¹ i.e. Ferdinando, Lord Fairfax

Devon residents raise troops to relieve Exeter

In Devon on June 30 at 6:52 pm

30 Jun 1643 (Fri) || Out of Devonshire it is informed, that the inhabitants of Barnstable, Boddyford [Bideford] and Torrington, are raising of any Army in the North parts of that County to relieve the City of Excester, which is now besieged at foure miles distance by the Lord Mohun, Sir Nicholas Slanning, Sir Peter Courtney, Crew the high Sheriffe, and one Ackland, who having gotten the scum of the Counties of Cornwall and Devon, have blocked up all the Roads and wayes thereto, and have seized upon Apsom [Topsham], which lieth upon the River of Ex, towards the sea; who, though they are not able to win that City by assault, yet may starve them for want of Horse to open their passages: which Army may (by Gods blessing) bring them some succour, untill the Earle of Warwick can land his men at Tro-bay [Torbay], to drive those lewd persons from thence, who gape and thirst, not onely for the Wealth and Riches of that City, but also for the bloud of all the well-affected People in it.  || William Ingler – Certaine Informations (P)

County of Essex raises & pays troops

In Essex on June 24 at 9:05 pm

24 Jun 1643 (Sat) || The Inhabitants of the County of Essex, are raising more men to send to his Excellency the Parliaments Lord Generall, to re-inforce his Army, and they are so willing to testifie their readinesse to fight for the King and Parliament, that some Townes there send 40. men, others 30. and some twenty, and small villages afford ten men a piece for this service, and those forces intend to take six weekes pay in their pockets to sustaine themselves, because they will not be burdensome to the Parliament, nor the City of London, and they are so desirous to free the king from the bondage and slavery of evill Councellours and Cavaliers, that they are fully resolved to adventure their lives in the prosecution of those intents.  || William Ingler – Certaine Informations (P)

Kent sends men to join Earl of Essex in Oxon

In Kent, Oxfordshire on June 23 at 9:02 pm

23 Jun 1643 (Fri) ||  The Inhabitants of the County of Kent, have raised 500 men more for the defence of the King and Parliament, and this day they were all to meete at Gravesend which is their Rendezvous, from whence they were to be conveyed in Barges to Brainford in the County of Middlesex, and from thence they are to march to Thame, to his Excellencie the Parliaments Lord Generall, to recreut his Army, and every man of them is furnished with money for some weekes pay, to defray their charges. || William Ingler – Certaine Informations (P)

John Hampden allegedly forced to recruit in Surrey

In Buckinghamshire, Surrey on June 6 at 1:27 pm

6 Jun 1643 (Tue) || It was advertised from London, that Master [John] Hampden Knight for Buckinghamshire, hath so lost the affection of his Country, that being to beat up the Drum for souldiers, to recruite his Regiment, he durst not doe it in his owne County, for feare he should receive a foyle, and finde new followers: and that presuming more on London and the parts djoyning, he had caused his Drum to be beaten all about the Citie and Suburbs of it, in Guilford, Chertsey, and other Market-townes in Surrey, but without successe. Which whether it be an Argument that Hampden or the Warre is growne more odious to them, I leave unto the Readers judgement. || John Berkenhead/Peter Heylyn – Mercurius Aulicus (R)

Papists recruited in the King’s army

In Military News on October 25 at 10:34 pm

25 Oct 1642 || A Commission was sent to the house of Commons, under the Kings own hand, granted to Sir John Beumont a Papist, to raise a Regiment, whose Officers are also Papists, which is to be published, that all the world may see whose cause it is that his Majesty fights for. || Humphrey Blunden – Speciall Passages and Certain Informations