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Declaration to be sent to Scotland; Queen’s friars to be banished

In London on November 10 at 10:42 pm

10 Nov 1642 || The Parliament upon consultation of the great difficulty of sending into Scotland by land since the passage is so stopped by the Cavalliers, have ordered that the Declaration drawne up by the Houses to be sent to our brethren of Scotland to invite them to raise forces to defend themselves and to assist us against those Armies of Papists and Atheists which were arising in this Kingdome and other forraigne parts for the utter destruction of Religion and liberties in both Kingdomes, shall be sent by Sea, and a Committee to goe along with it to bring a speedy answer back againe.

The Houses have ordered that all the Capuchin Fryers belonging to the Queene bee banished within a moneth, and all their Reliques and popish ceremonies at Somerset House bee demolished, And also the like at the chappell at Saint James and at Lambeth house, for that this Kingdome must not expect a blessing from God so long as such popery is fostered within this Kingdome. || Contributor: Samuel Pecke – A Continuation of Certain Speciall and Remarkable Passages