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Scots vote to garrison Berwick

In North East, Scotland on September 22 at 2:52 am

22 Sep 1643 (Fri) || It was also signified, that the Scots in their Convention had voted (for they can vote too) that a Garrison should be put into Barwick: That first, the Garrison should be all of the Scottish Nation: Secondly, that it should consist of six hundred Foot and two Troops of Horse (sixtie in a Troop) or more, as it shall be thought fit by the Committees of oth Nations: Thirdly, that this Garrison should be payd as part of the Scottish Army: Fourthly, that whereas the Scottish Forces were to receive from the two English Houses 3000l. a moneth, now they should have 1000l. per mensem more, to make them hit just one and thirtie. And lastly, that the Publique Faith of the Scots shall be engaged to England, that they will depart out of Barwick whensoever the English will desire them so to doe. But whether the two indigent Houses will be readie with their two hundred thousand pounds to be payd in hand, and 300000l. a moneth besides; and whether these well payd men will depart according to their Publike Faith, I leave to the private faith of every honest Reader.  || John Berkenhead/Peter Heylyn – Mercurius Aulicus (R)


Scots forces still expected

In Scotland on September 13 at 1:48 am

13 Sep 1643 (Wed) || The Scots will come in sooner then is thought by many, we must needs assist in some advance-money those who will assist us with the whole power of their Kingdome; if the Court had such an offer, I am confident they would refuse it at any price, nay let me tell you, that State-broakers at Oxford have bid sufficiently not long agoe, and to that purpose have used many endeavours, but without successe.

This may satisfie all how faithfull the Scots are to their principles and ours, and how little they seek their own ends and advantages, though our Malignants would perswade us to the contrary; and I can tell you further, they offer to joyne the Publicke Faith of their Kingdome with ours for the advance of moneys, sure now the veriest Malignant is satisfied.  || Robert White & George Bishop – Mercurius Britanicus (P)

Scots agree to send forces into England

In Scotland on August 21 at 1:07 am

21 Aug 1643 (Mon) || From Scotland about the end of the last weeke the Parliament received Letters from their Commissioners, giving them to understand of their safe arrivall at Edenborough, and extraordinary welcome by the Scotch Lords, and that they hoped in short time to expidite the businesse they came about, which letters bore date the very next day after the Commissioners comming to Edinburgh. But in respect they gave no accompt of any forces already levied in Scotland how the Malignants in London rejoyced, and boasted up and downe that the Scotts would not stirre at all, and that all our hopes of their comming into this Kingdome were but as strange Chymaras Castles in the aire, &c. But observe now, how soone their vaine boastings is come to nothing, whose tongues indeed have a long time beene the forge of daily lies, for on Tuesday last the Parliament received more letters from their Commisioners there, giving them accompt of their Treaty with the Scots of Scotland, for the sending of forces hither, & that the States were of so willing a complyance in that businesse, and matters in that forwardnesse that they doubted not with a weekes time after the date of these letters (which is above ten dayes since) fully to end the worke. || Samuel Pecke, A Continuation of Certain Speciall and Remarkable Passages (P)

Scots troops expected to enter England

In Scotland on August 15 at 2:40 pm

15 Aug 1643 (Tue) || From Scotland there is expectation daily of letters from the Parliament Committee but as none as yet come, so that I dare not report the news thence, so confidently as otherwise I might, however thus much I have heard confirmed by private letters from very good hands, that there was about 12000 men already raised in Scotland about the beginning of the last Weeke, and that it was conceived their number would be doubled within a weeke following; that part of them are already upon their march, & some 1000 of them come to Barwick. But whether any of them be as yet come to Hull to the Lord Fairfax, though I heare some report so, I much question it, but doubtlesse if not as yet, there will be some of there ere long there. And Sir William Fairfax is gone downe from the Parliament by Sea to Hull, to supply his Lordship with Armes and Ammunition as is before specified. || A continuation Of certain Speciall and Remarkable passages (P)