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Coal crisis in London

In London on May 23 at 11:19 pm

23 May 1643 (Mon) || The Lord Major, Aldermen, and Common Councell of London, assembled at the Guild-hall on Saturday last, and consulted about the present dearth and scarcity of Sea-Coales, and when they had some while debated by what wayes and meanes they might be obtained, at length they Elected a Committee to present their desires therein to the Parliament, to direct them in a course for the getting of Sea coales before the next Winter. But to give some satisfaction in this point to the City of London, and to the Kingdome, some persons have made these Propositions, that many ships from London, Lyn, Ipswich, and Yarmouth, are willing to adventure to Newcastle to get them, being provided with store of men, victuall, Ordnance, and Ammunition, and whosoever will suscribe 100li for a yeare towards the setting of them forth, shall at the yeares end receive 133li. 6s. 8d. if the expedition succeed well, if not, then they are to have their 100li againe with allowance of 8li per cent. And whosoever of the subscribers, have heretofore lent the Parliament either Money or Plate, or both, shall be repayed it upon the future sale of  the Coales, & for those disbursements they shall have the Publique Faith. Hereupon let all men well consider, whether it not be better to adventure some Moneyes for this resolution and hopefull Expedition, then that themselves, their Wives and Children should starve this next Winter for want of Fuell and Firing, the scarcity whereof will deprive them of Beere, and of good warne food, with other necessaries. || William Ingler – Certaine Informations (P)