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Venice reportedly voices support for King Charles

In Venice on July 2 at 12:17 pm

Sunday 2 Jul 1643 || It was signified by some Letters from beyond the Seas, with what regret the manifold indignities offered unto His Majestie by some of His Rebellious Subjects are heard of, & resented by forraign States: particularly, that the Republique of Venice is heavily displeased with their proceedings, and willing to afford His Majestie all possible assistance for the upholding of his Monarchie, though that be a Republique. And this appeares by the Declaration which they made of their good affections in the presence of Mr Talbot, who remaines with that State for His Majesties service,¹ to whom they signified on June 1. the high displeasure wherein they had received the notice of these disturbances of His sacred Majestie of Great Brittain, to whom they wished all possible tranquilitie, praying to God that with his divine assistance he would grant him meanes to repaire those disorders, and heartily professing that their desires of beeing usefull to His Majestie were as strong and reall as the esteem in which they held the excellencie of His disposition and vertues; which they desired the said Master Talbot to represent unto His Majestie in such a lively an full manner, as might be answerable to their affectionate observance and sinceritie. By which it seemes that if His Majestie had not wholly cast himselfe upon the loyaltie and good affections of his English Subjects, for the recoverie of His owne and their lawfull rights, he need not have despaired of help from His neighbour Kings (whose common interesse it is) since a Republique so farre off, professeth such a readinesse to be usefull and assistant to him. || John Berkenhead/Peter Heylyn – Mercurius Aulicus (R)

¹ Sir Gilbert Talbot, the resident secretary of the English embassy in Venice.